GhostBlind Predator Hunting Blind 360

GhostBlind Predator Hunting Blind 360 Demo

GhostBlind Predator 4 Panel Blind


  • For hunters that like to sit comfortably in a chair
  • Use with gun, compound bow, cross bow or traditional bow
  • 4 reflective mirror panels
  • Dimensions: 102”W x 46”H
  • Lightweight – 12 lbs
  • Constructed with weather resistant polypropylene panels
  • Carry with the 1.5” carry strap or optional Deluxe Carry Pack
  • Quickly stake down blind with tent stakes & tie downs





Choose Your Weapon


  • ghostblind_predator_compound_bow_14 Predator Blind 4 Reflective Mirror Panels
  • ghostblind_predator_compound_bow_13 Panels Tile Forward Eliminating Sun Glare
  • ghostblind_predator_compound_bow_12 Shoot from seated or standing position
  • ghostblind_predator_compound_bow_11 46″ high 102″ wide layed flat Only 12 lbs
  • ghostblind_predator_compound_bow_10 For Gun, Bow Crossbow or Traditional Bow
  • ghostblind_predator_compound_bow_09 Shooting ports 4″ x 12″
  • ghostblind_predator_compound_bow_08 Unbreakable, waterproof, plastic construction
  • ghostblind_predator_compound_bow_07 Add 7″ with Optional Height Extenders
  • ghostblind_predator_compound_bow_06 Includes Carry Strap & Tie Down Kit
  • ghostblind_predator_compound_bow_05 Optional Carry Pack Available
  • ghostblind_predator_compound_bow_04
  • ghostblind_predator_compound_bow_03 Shown with 4 Optional Height Extenders
  • ghostblind_predator_compound_bow_02
  • ghostblind_predator_compound_bow_01

compound bow small 3


crossbow small 3

gun small 3

long bow small 3

Predator Blind Accessories

ghostblind predator carry pack
Predator Carry Pack
2 panel
Predator 2 Panel Addition
GhostBlind Predator Extensions
Predator Extenders
accessopry kit
Predator Accessory Kit

Choose Your GhostBlind Hunting Blind Model

GhostBlind Predator Blind
GhostBlind Runner Blind
GhostBlind Waterfowl Blind
GhostBlind Octagon Kit