Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Q:        Is there a GhostBlind Dealer in my area?

A:        GhostBlind Industries has several hundred US and International Dealers. Call your local hunting store to see if they carry the GhostBlind Predator. If you do not have an Authorized GhostBlind Dealer in your area, you can order directly from this site. GhostBlind Industries does NOT ship outside the United States. We have various dealers throughout the world for International Distribution. 

Q:        How does it work?

A:        The GhostBlind Predator and Runner blinds mirror the ground in front of the blind; approximately 6-8' out from the base of the blind. See Videos for real life examples. 

Q:        Does the GhostBlind® reflect the sun? (This is our most frequently asked question)

A:        The design angles of the mirrors can only reflect the sun to the ground. When set up, the panels are always angled forward eliminating the possibility of the sun reflecting back to game. Many of the pictures and videos you see on this site are in the direct sunlight, with the sun facing the mirror panels. If you set up the blind on a slope or hill, as with any ground blind, you should not set it at the top of the hill as this will cause silhouetting. If you move down the hill a little, the blind will set up with the angle of the slope, thereby eliminating the sun reflecting back to the game. See illustration.

Q:        Can game see itself in the mirror panels?

A:        No - unless the game gets within 3' - 5' of the blind before you shoot.

Q:        If there is a shadow on the ground in front of the blind, would it cause the image in the mirror to appear darker than  the surrounding environment and spook game?

A:      Yes, it could appear darker but it will not spook game. Keep in mind that there are shadows caused by trees and clouds everywhere. Game do not rationalize why a shadow may appear in one place or another. Example - we have all seen fast moving clouds moving across the sky and causing shadows to move quickly across a field. Have you ever seen these shadows chasing a herd of spooked animals? Note - If the GhostBlind were square or had a straight top, and it appeared darker, then game could notice a strange structure and get spooked. This is one of many reasons why the blind is shaped the way it is. 

Q:        Won't the sun reflect off of the blind when carrying in the woods and spook game?

A:        No - the GhostBlind® folds with all mirror panels to the inside, with camouflage showing on the outside. It is impossible for the blind to reflect sunlight while in a folded position. 

Q:        Will the wind blow the blind over?

A:        No - use the included tent stakes and string to secure to the ground. The best and easiest way to anchor down your GhostBlind is to drag a couple tree branches up to the blind and prop them up on the top of the panels. See illustration here. This will hold down your blind very effectively. In extremely windy conditions, you may want to add extra tie down strings. Keep in mind that the blind only weighs 12 pounds and it will move in a strong wind even if it is tied down. This will not reduce the effectiveness of the blind as everything around the blind is also moving in the wind. Game can not rationalize as to why certain branches or grass are blowing one direction and blowing differently in another area. The important thing to remember is that everything is moving. See Printed Instructions to anchor blinds.

Q:        Can the mirrors be scratched or damaged?

A:       Yes.  In order to make the blind lightweight, flexible and unbreakable they are made of plastic. The reflective panels will eventually have small scratches or pits which is  to be expected. These marks will not reduce the effectiveness of your blind. See What to Expect for more info. Game will never see  these marks. Glass mirrors would be more scratch resistant but they would break, weigh about 50lbs and would cost over $500 to make a blind. If you expect plastic mirrors to look like glass mirrors, you probably should not purchase a GhostBlind.  All mirrors are folded to the inside and protected when transporting. 

Q:       I have read in some reviews that the mirrors are not very reflective, they are milky looking. Why is this?

A:       The blinds are shipped with a protective shipping film on the mirrors. If a person says that they are milky looking and not reflective, they did not remove the protective film.  

Q:        Will the mirror panels warp in the hot sun?

A:      Yes, in some circumstances. If the hot sun is shining on the backside of the blind, it will heat the plastic and cause it to expand on that side, causing the panel to warp forward slightly at the top. This will not reduce the effectiveness of your blind as it will only bend the image in the mirror (similar to a funhouse mirror). Animals cannot rationalize that the image looks funny. When the temperature equalizes on both sides of the panel or you take it out of the sun, the panel will return to it's normal state. This will also happen temporarily when you take the blind from a warm house into cold temperatures. Once the entire blind reaches the same temperature, it will remain straight. See What to Expect for more info.  

Q:        How heavy are GhostBlinds?

A:        The latest version of the GhostBlind® Predator only weighs 12lbs. The Runner weighs 8lbs. 

Q:        How big are the GhostBlinds?

A:        The GhostBlind® Predator is 102" wide and 46" high. The Runner is 98" wide by 26" tall. 

Q:        Are they hard to carry?

A:        It is very easy to carry the Predator or Runner with the included shoulder strap. For the Predator, We have an optional Deluxe Carry Bag that is custom fit to the blind that has a "Total Gear Carry System®" where you can attach all of your gear including, back pack, chair and more. See Predator Carry Pack®. We have an optional Pack-N-Rest to carry the Runner which also converts into a very comfortable seat.

Q:        Can GhostBlinds get wet?

A:        Yes - The reflective panels and backside are water proof plastic. We highly recommend the blind should be dried out after hunting to eliminate mildew. See instructions.  

Q:        Is it ok to leave the blind in my car or truck in the hot sun?

A:        Yes - special care should be taken to lay your GhostBlind® flat in your car or truck to keep from warping the panels in the extreme heat. If the panels should become warped, you can simply lay it flat for a short period of time to straighten the panels. Keep in mind that extreme heat and extreme sun exposure will shorten the life expectancy of just about anything. Example - even though fabric ground blinds are intended to be left outdoors, the extreme sun exposure will break down the fabric very quickly.  Due to the lightweight portability of the GhostBlind, it is always best to take it with you at the end of your hunting day. Common sense should be use to extend the life expectancy of your blind. See What to Expect for more info. 

Q:         What camo pattern is on the backside of the blind?

A:         GhostBlind Camo Pattern. The pattern may vary depending on when you purchase the blind